View Full Version : Introducing our new Animal Forum Smilies

11-14-2016, 03:32 AM
I figured it would be a lot more cute (and fitting) to add animal emoticons instead of the standard boring forum smilies.

So here are the first 20 that got approved hehe, I am still on the lookout for some more (and you can still use the old emoticons when you click the "More" button):

goo:)d-dog bea<3r cut::e::pig ca::t: cra:b::att f:rog:) gu::inea! :bee:!: :fis!:h b:fly:) bea:??r do::g:) ca!!t: mou!:se bir::ds! ele::fun! :bun:)ny: hors::e:P pan::da! f!sh::)

Any requests just me know, but some animals are hard to find mou!:se.

Frolicking Ferrets
11-14-2016, 12:56 PM
Wow this emoji :bun:)ny: is me, I'm always nibbling lol

11-18-2016, 06:04 PM
Oh I really like them! Thank you. This is mine....goo:)d-dog
It just has to be.
But I like every single one. This one is amusing....cra:b::att