View Full Version : Can anyone advice?

06-17-2016, 08:10 AM
my hammies getting older day by day and his nails are also getting longer ...yesterday while he was crawling I got so many scratch marks on my hand...
can anyone suggest how to trim?


06-17-2016, 08:47 AM
Either http://animals.mom.me/happens-hamsters-nails-long-9448.html

06-18-2016, 04:50 AM
nice one thanks

06-18-2016, 05:16 AM
while searching home for my little hammy I got this page and I liked the first one as it looks natural home look http://hamstersportal.com/top-10-cages-for-hamster/

06-18-2016, 06:03 AM
Kindly note that new members are not allowed to put commercial links into their posts. That is why your last post was sent by the system for moderation. I have approved your post, so that it now appears publicly. I approved it because the website might be of interest to other members seeking a cage. However, please do not put any more commercial links into your posts until you are an established member, otherwise they will not appear until they have been moderated.

06-21-2016, 02:45 AM
Ok LPC and sorry i'll keep a note for this suggestion and advice.

but please tell me the home which I selected for my hammy isn't nice