View Full Version : Simon Says … ‘I Am Going to Get You’

04-14-2016, 04:09 PM
Simon the cat ’round the corner did hide,
though reflected in the mirror was he
and the human host could his black pet see
waiting for him to pass, then from his side
pranced upon his legs did Simon eyes wide;
thus the cat perceived the game as party,
though aware not he’d played the game’s monkey,
the host laughed yet his pet he’d not deride.
Simon obviously had occupied
his much time as though seeking comedy,
for naught else did his human host provide
for him to do, except watching TV,
but Simon’s fun would not be him denied,
“thus I’ve naught for which to be sorry ...”

Frank G Sterle Jr


For those interested in other mostly sonnet-form cat poems and writings of mine (and, no, they're not very good, with sonnets being as by-definition constrictive as they are):