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04-03-2016, 11:33 PM
Hi all, tick season is around again!

I have three dogs, two are min pins and one is a chiwawa, so they are all very small with their bellies touching the grass and bracken. Each year they always pick up some ticks and I hate it when one I haven't spotted ends up crawling onto my skin.

I have been using a spot on type treatment and in the past this seems to have stopped the ticks latching on to the dogs but they still get them crawling onto them.

I was wondering if using something like Rosewood Tropiclean Tick Shampoo would stop the ticks going onto the dogs in the first place?

Has anyone used this dog shampoo or another one and know how/whether they work?

04-04-2016, 11:45 AM
Try neem oil or neem extract - you can buy it yourself and dilute it, or buy a ready-made preparation for pets. It will not kill kill ticks, although it causes the female ticks to lay sterile eggs. Its main benefit is that it acts as a tick and flea repellent. A search on Google or Amazon for "neem tick repellent" should get you what you want.

Every best wish to you!

04-05-2016, 11:15 AM
No I have not heard of the Rosewood shampoo, but maybe because I haven't seen it in the UK.

I have heard that Neem oil is very good.

I also heard that Geranium oil works (rubbed onto the collar), but it is very very strong scented, and I am also unsure about its safety for dogs to continually inhale. At the very least it might be unbearable for a dog with its powerful sense of smell.

With my dog, I never used any substance to repel Ticks. But that meant I had to be on constant "Tick Watch" and "Tick Removal" when we had been for a walk in places where I knew they lived. It was easy with my dog because she was very obedient, and also short haired and blonde, so I could easily see the tiny black Ticks crawling on her and get them off before they had chance to latch on. She was thoroughly checked after each walk, and sometimes during the walk. She didn't much like that but it had to be done.

But even if they have latched on, there is a 12-24 hour period where they are not likely to transmit any Tick-borne disease, so long as they are removed properly.

08-04-2016, 03:23 AM
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Anshul Goenka
11-20-2016, 11:48 PM
Hello Everyone,

You can use neem products, it is available easily and healthy for dogs.

01-09-2017, 06:13 AM
Yes would agree with @LPC and @anshul goenka neem products work best.