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01-24-2016, 09:35 AM
There are more than 500 known species of sharks living in our oceans today. Sharks are an apex predator at or near the top of their marine food chains, and they regulate the populations of species below them. Research has shown that massive depletion of sharks has cascading effects throughout the ocean’s ecosystems.

There are many different species of sharks, they all offer varied and interesting information. so watch the video and enjoy our cool shark facts.


01-24-2016, 05:40 PM
I find sharks so fascinating! They are dangerous yet if you know about them they are so cool!

01-25-2016, 11:45 AM
I love sharks. A sadly much misunderstood and persecuted creature.

I fear for their long-term future. Man - the 'greatest' predator of all - is slowly destroying all marine life, through polluting the oceans and over-fishing.
Many, many sharks are getting killed ....

The oceans are vast but seemingly not big enough for the both of us.

01-26-2016, 06:10 AM
A very peceptive post, Noble Knight. I couldn't agree more. As you say, we humans are the worst predator of all. Many animal extinctions on this planet (including the dodo) have been caused by humans.

02-04-2016, 08:22 PM
I think that sharks are really cool, well I just find every aquatic animal cool.

09-09-2016, 03:22 AM
Sharks are the apex predators of the sea. They are very important for the marine ecosystems. If there were no sharks the ocean ecosystem's balance will be lost. It can cause great harm to the whole planet.


09-09-2016, 10:14 AM
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