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Since 2006, Austin Dog Alliance has been improving the lives of families and individuals through therapeutic programs which incorporate the powerful connection between dogs and humans.

Key programs include:
Hounds for Heroes is the service dog program of Austin Dog Alliance. In addition to being trained to be unobtrusive in public, our service dogs are trained to mitigate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and or depression. Each dogs performs a minimum of three tasks that enable their partner to lead a more "normal" life. The tasks are selected after extensive conversations with the adopter.
S+CORE! (Students + Canines = Opportunities for Rewarding Employment) capitalizes on the relationship between canines and adults to build job skills to provide life-long employment options for adults with disabilities. Students who complete the 86-hour program are provided job placement and coaching as they transition to paid employment.
The Bow Wow Reading Dogs program teaches reading skills to at-risk readers by providing highly trained dogs and their handlers to local elementary schools, every week of the school year.
Pet therapy visits in nursing homes and hospitals. Over 120 pet therapy dog handlers and their dog partners visit more than 50 hospitals, nursing homes and hospices in the Austin area. In 2015, they provided more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service visiting the elderly and sick in our community.
The Special Dogs for Special Needs program selects well-rounded dogs from local shelters, providing them with extensive training and then adopting them to individuals with disabilities. Special Dogs for Special Needs are trained to be emotional support dogs for children under 13 and as a service dog for clients older than 13 who can responsibly control a dog in public settings.

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