View Full Version : Rabbit Takes On Snake

06-26-2015, 10:24 AM
Never seen anything like this before ....

I'm not sure the babies did survive, but the courage and tenacity shown by the mother is quite remarkable


06-26-2015, 03:06 PM
I agree about the courage of the mother rabbit, but people's voices are discussing the action all through the video. The video starts with someone filming the baby rabbits being killed by the snake. Rather than sitting there filming, why didn't they go to try to save the baby rabbits themselves? I assume that these rabbits were pets, as the scene is a garden, not in the wild.

06-29-2015, 08:58 AM
Baby rabbits being killed? That rules me out from watching the video then! Well done for the brave rabbit though :)

02-04-2019, 05:08 AM
That is just sad, poor baby getting killed while the stupid people just watch and record it. Luckily it seem's that one of the babies escaped thou

04-10-2019, 01:15 AM
What a brave rabbit mom! :) The video was really scary, but I'm happy that rabbits are safe! :)