View Full Version : Affection And Attention, Not Food

03-15-2015, 08:15 AM
A lesson here. Dogs don't know when to say 'No' and with a well-intentioned but misguided owner doling out titbits it's all too easy for the pounds to pile up....


A reminder at the end there that what dogs most want from us is affection and attention ...
Overfeeding is only going to do them harm.

03-15-2015, 05:49 PM
Oh my gosh! Look at that poor dog (in the 'before' picture) His face is just asking for help!
I am so glad something has been done to help him.

Yes some people think 'love' means 'food'... Another human habit which I have seen in action many times, is treating the dog to biscuits while on a walk. Often when we used to stop and talk to the dog and the human, they would show me a pocket full of biscuits, which the dog would eat before getting home! Misty usually managed to scrounge one, which I didn't begrudge her!

I think maybe in some cases that starts off as giving puppy food treats to encourage training....but carries over as expected food which must always accompany a walk.

But a dog will happily accept praise and affection or even happy noises from its caretaker instead of food. Then there's nothing wrong with waiting for a good healthy dinner on getting home at the end of the day.