View Full Version : Using a Gravel Vacuum with Cherry Shrimp

02-16-2015, 03:06 PM
I have a 5 gallon tank that houses a Betta and two Cherry Shrimp. I need to vacuum the gravel, but it will be my first time doing it since getting the shrimp. Should I temporarily relocate them before doing it? I don't want to risk hurting or stressing the little guys out.
I would love some advice.

02-16-2015, 04:06 PM
Not my field, but these links may help you: http://www.theshrimpfarm.com/articles/caring-for-red-cherry-shrimp.php and http://aquariuminfo.org/rcs.html

Or you could ask fellow shrimp enthusiasts here: http://www.petshrimp.com/discussions/

Good luck!

02-17-2015, 07:23 PM
Thanks so much!