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07-30-2014, 09:07 PM
Hi it’s me, Tinks!! Some of ya’ll are asking more about how I felt when I was getting sick with my immune disease, IMHA (Immune-Mediate Hemolytic Anemia). When I went pee-potty, my peepers was red/brown, what mommy & daddy said looked like motor-oil and my gums turned white and I didn’t eat. I started feeling really tired too and quickly lost weight, cuz I’ze sooo tiny anyways! It all happened really fast. I went hiking with Mommy on Wednesday and by Friday night I was almost gone :(


My parents keep a pretty close watch on me so they had me at the regular vet on the Thursday as soon as they saw my peepers and the Vet was able to diagnose me pretty quick so that was good!! But I didn’t get sent to WestVet Animal Emergency & Specialty Center for critical care when I should have and was sent home, so mommy and daddy thought I would be ok, when really, I was very very sick and was fading fast. They didn’t take no for an answer and begged my regular vet for more options and only on Saturday morning did they find out about the specialty & emergency center that was in our town.


The ER vets and specialized technicians at WestVet were so good to me and then I met Dr. Ochoa who is a board certified veterinary internist and she had treated lots of cases just like mine and knew what to do to give me a chance to fight, and so me and mommy and daddy and Dr. Ochoa all went to battle for my life over the next 8 days and I won!!!

Dr. Ochoa is so amazing!! She told us she couldn’t guarantee anything, cuz this disease is horrible and that it was up to me to fight hard. She knew what had worked in other cases and was also up on the latest and greatest of treatment options and studies and such. Mommy is getting Dr. Ochoa to film a video with me about my disease and how she knew what to do to help save me. So you’ll get to meet Dr. Ochoa soon!!

This was four years ago, when I was only 5 years old and I’m happy & healthy now and I’m shooting for 10 more good years here having fun with mommy & daddy, and you too!!

Thank you for loving me!!!


Please know that symptoms of not eating or drinking, blood in the poopies or peepies, white gums and/or increased lethargy in your pets are usually signs of something serious and you should take your pet to your local vet and/or emergency/specialty hospital right away!! I’m so glad my mommy & daddy took me and fought to give me a chance to fight this disease!! I love being alive :)

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07-31-2014, 04:02 AM
I am very glad that your dog made such a wonderful recovery. However, please do not insert multiple html links to websites in your posts. Only established members with a good number of posts can insert a link to their website.

08-01-2014, 10:40 AM
Noted :) Thanks for the reminder.