View Full Version : My Cat Raw away for two months and Suddenly returned today[HELP] Very Skinny

03-17-2014, 08:08 PM
I had my cat Since I was 5 years old, Now I'm 19yrs. My cat is 14 years of age and for some reason she's been getting interested on going outside. A few months back she ran away for 3 days and returned home then 2 months ago she ran away and never returned so I thought the worst and was a little depressed cause I missed my cat. Then suddenly today she came back home, I was really happy but she's very very skinny. I obviously gave her like two cans of Tuna Fish but How do I handle the situation? When she came to me she was purring loudly so I'm guessing she missed me. What type of food can I give her to help her gain back her weight? Why would it had taken her so long to return?

03-18-2014, 09:54 AM
It is probable that your cat is thin because she has been fending for herself for so long. Do not overfeed suddenly to compensate, but give slightly larger portions of cat food until she recovers. But do bear in mind that your cat is getting on in years, and thinness can be a sign of kidney problems (or other medical problems). Do please take her her to a vet to be checked out. She may also have picked up worms whilst "in the wild" and this needs to be checked out, too.

Some cats are happy to be "house cats" but others do not like being kept indoors all the time. Probably your cat ran off because she wanted some freedom to explore. Our cat is free to roam as he wishes, and always returns every day for food and rest time!

Please take your cat to a vet for a thorough check. The food issue should resolve itself with time, but the vet also might some suggest some food supplements. Best wishes to you!