View Full Version : A.L.A.S.S [Animal Love And Support Society] WANTS YOU!

10-19-2013, 11:08 AM
I am owner of an organisation called ALASS
We are an organisation like RSPCA/Hoola animal rescue.
We are accepting people of any age there is just 1 condition, you MUST treat animals with LOVE, CARE and RESPECT.
We do things from fundraising-patrolling the neighbourhood.
We don't have meetings but we do have events.
If you are interested contact us at:ALASS@petlover.com
If you have any question just PM me/leave a comment below.
If you don't have a E-MAIL account we can simply talk by PM.
We are all about having fun,getting involved and helping animals all at the same time.
We are in progress of creating a website but it isn't finished yet.