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Hen Harrier
06-27-2013, 10:50 AM
In recent years it was said there were 400 breeding pairs of Hen harriers in England.. This year there are none… Rich landowners are wiping out our birds of prey at a faster rate than ever before under this Conservative government.. They are killing Golden Eagles, Buzzards, Goshawks, Harriers, Kites and Peregrine Falcons.. No licences were granted to destroy bird of prey nests over the last ten years until pro-hunting minister Richard Benyon who owns a game shooting estate took over as environment minister.

Even bird lovers are unaware of the extent of this persecution.. These people are wiping out our bird of prey population purely for the pleasure of releasing and shooting non-indigenous species into the wild..

Please read through the web addresses posted below… This is the tip of the iceberg, and if you feel as I do, outraged by this persecution.. Please sign the E-petition at the bottom of the page….







07-02-2013, 04:22 PM
PMSL try looking at the true figures, my whole lifes work is birds of prey, both conservation and breeding. We actually hack falcons on a large estate in scottland and not one keeper has a problem with the birds of prey.
Now as for harriers, their numbers are higher than stated. plus the information is often misrepresented. Get out of your house and go onto the estates and track them.
Did you know peregrines are at their highest numbers in recorded history
Golden eagles are booming
Buzzards are over populated
Goshawks were basically reintroduced by falconers and again are booming, i know one keeper for a big estate who watches the goshawks on his land with interest, no intent to kill.
Kites that were reintroduced....now thats a funny story, massive mortality rate due to the RSPB going against experts advice (i know i was involved...they didnt even know how to hack them which would have increased success rates massively, instead of having to take them from the wild in spain.
Look at the sea eagles, being took from the wild in norway, transported here, tied to a post (apparently thats some organisations version of hacking) before being released and wondering why a high mortality.
Sparrowhawk populations are through the roof as are kestrels
Can i ask how much youve had to do with harriers yourself?
Only the other week i was sat watching a pair for several hours, again, on another large estate...not being persecuted.
Ospreys are so common i see them regularly at work.
Hobbies are doing great too

Basically, the birds of prey in the UK are more successful now than ever before (apart from the red kite, but give them time)

The reason people think they are rare is because they dont know what they are looking for. A couple of month ago i was visiting a reserviour and while walking i spotted an osprey being mugged by some corvids, all this was happening above the head of some twitchers who were too busy looking at a blue tit in a bush lmao

07-02-2013, 04:27 PM
As for non-indigenous species, you forget historically keepers that persecuted harriers did so to protect grouse, a long standing species in the UK. Not only that, these shoots fund our moors...the UK accounting for over 75% of the worlds moorland. A habitat that is delicate and needs protecting.