View Full Version : Soaking dried mealworms

06-03-2012, 09:58 PM
As the breeding season begins,it requires a change at the feeding station in our gardens in my opinion, I remove the fat ball hanging feeders and replace with with pinhead oats, all other seeds are still fed in the appropriate hanging feeders but then comes the meal-worms in dishes with the move to Porlock and the numbers of birds we are feeding live meal worms will be too expensive for us . Feeding dried meal worms for feeding nestlings is not such a good Idea
so I tried out an old course angling technique of soaking dried seed for hook bait,
Yesterday I half filled a wide necked vacuum flask with dried meal worms, then added a tea spoon of soy oil (optional) then I placed a fine wire sieve
over the mouth and poured boiling water to fill the flask 'the hard bit' get the flask top very close to the mouth and quickly slide off the sieve and slide on the top, 24 hours job done,and mine emerged ready for feeding. Give it a try.