View Full Version : Questions about preparing for a bird

05-24-2012, 08:14 AM
This summer I am going to be moving somewhere where I can have a bird.I have been readilng up but am posting to get advice about preparing for a bird. I read sunflower seeds are not good for parrots. I read to get some pellots and seed and to also feed vegetables and fruits. What kind of fruit and veggies do you feed your bird? Any other dietary needs? What kind of skilt do you cook with. I do not plan to keep my bird in the kitchen. I plan to have the cage in the living room. But I do not want to kill my bird just because I cooked with a nonstick skilit.Do you clean the cage with vinegar and water? Or set paper towles on the bottom and change it daily? Is there certain stuff you use to dust with, clean wooden floors, mop tile or carpet cleaner? Or I move my bird somewhereif cleaning the place?

I am leaning towards a Green Conure or a cockatile (since I had them when I was a child). But tell me about any small parrot species you know about or own or have owned. Whether it be conures, cockatiles, love birds linnie parakeets, parrolets,mini macaws, etc. I desire a handfeed bird that is use to being handled and I can let him out of his cage daily. My first bird as a child was a budgie from WallMart my parents got for me. I tamed him enough where he would get on my hand. As nice of a bird he was he was the shyiest. My cockatile and conure seemed less nervouse.