View Full Version : Tentatively seeking to rehome Chico

05-24-2012, 08:11 AM
A few of you are familiar with Chico and I's story, but for those who aren't, here is a brief overview.

Two years ago I inherited my grandmother's male eclectus parrot, Chico. He was a severe biter, chewed and plucked his feathers, and was in
general a mess. (These problems only started after my grandmother passed away, she got him when he was a year old and kept him in amazing health
until she went into hospice. My aunt, who was supposed to care for him until we could take him, did not and he fell into neglect). After two
long years Chico is in beautiful health, does not chew or pluck anymore, and is much more agreeable to being handled. He still bites
occasionally, but has improved in leaps and bounds.

I am tentatively seeking a new home for him because I simply do not have the time to devote to him that he deserves. I handle him daily for at least
10 minutes, if not more to make sure he stays friendly with people. I work full time and am also a full time college student though, so it is
stressful to me to try and make sure he has everything he needs, as well as making sure he gets the attention he deserves. I really believe that
in the hands of a capable bird person with time to spare he would make a lovely companion. It breaks my heart to even think about rehoming him,
but in the scheme of things, I do believe he would be better off with someone who has more time then I do

He is approximately 12 years old, extremely personable, and has a huge vocabulary. I am in no rush to rehome him, as
I'd rather wait it out and make sure he goes to a good home. To put things simply, he is in no danger of not having a home.
If a good home comes about, however, he will only go on the condition that he must come back home to me should his new people ever not be able to care for
him. I will also not give him to a first time bird owner. Due to his past feather plucking/chewing I will only give him to someone who has previous experience with parrots.
Everything I have for him will go with him, which includes his huge double macaw cage, a small conure sized cage (I use it for traveling with him),
tons of toys and perches, etc.