View Full Version : My cat just started gently biting me

05-24-2012, 08:07 AM
My cat is almost 9 years old, and every morning she jumps up on the counter and goes kinda crazy wanting to be petted. So I stay there and giver her lots of pets and scratches, and if I drop my hand she will try to pull it back to her or head butt my arm. If I pet the top of her head she will swipe at me with her claws out so I try to keep from doing that. But she's really confusing because sometimes she'll swipe at me like that with her claws out even when I don't pet her head, but when I walk away she runs after me along the counter and puts her paw out like she's saying, "Wait! Don't leave!" so I pet her some more and she'll do it again.
But anyway, the reason for my thread is that in the past two days she's started gently biting me while I pet her. Yesterday I pet her in a way she didn't like so she made her "stop!" squeak and grabbed my arm with both paws with her claws out and then she munched on my arm! lol. She gently bit me once, and then kept her mouth there and bit down again! So I yelled at her and walked away. This morning I was petting her again, and at one point when she seemed to be enjoying it, she licked my arm and then did the same thing- two gentle bites like she was chewing on me. But t seems like she was doing it because she liked me this time and not because I was petting her wrong.
So I guess my questions are, why did she just start this behavior now? Why does she give me such mixed signals (like today biting me when it seemed like she was being affectionate but yesterday when she seemed annoyed and grabbed my arm with her claws out)? Is it something I should discourage? It is kind of cute if they're love bites, but like I said I can't tell if they're "love bites" or "warning bites".