View Full Version : Not sure if Lickorish is eating enough

05-24-2012, 07:06 AM
Lickorish has become finneky lately, but mostly for the evening meal. In the morning, I usually don't have any problem getting her to eat, although she usually wants some attention before she starts eating. She doesn't always eat all of it (half of a 5.5oz can), but usually at least half. Now, usually when I feed them breakfast, hubby is still in bed. If hubby is around, she's more nervous and I have to feed her under the table or somewhere she feels 'safe'. Some days she's more nervous than others. She's not really scared of him, but him walking around makes her nervous.

Evening meal, I just can't get her to start eating, esp if hubby is around. They each get half of a 5.5 oz can or a 3oz can each. Problem is, when she doesn't eat, Squeek thinks that Lickorish's food is fair game for her to eat, so I'm afraid Squeek is getting too much and Lickorish not enough. I have seen LIckorish some back later in the evening looking for food only to find an empty bowl since squeek gobbled up all the food.

Last night we tried an experiment, I only each of them half of a 3oz can. Lickorish didn't eat and Squeek gobbled up both. Later on, I gave more food, and tried my best to keep Squeek away. I think after we left the room, LIckorish came and ate some, but then Squeek go to it too.

Not sure what to try now. It would be difficult to separate them during meal time, esp if Lickorish is going to take her time eating. Any suggestions are appreciated.