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05-08-2012, 07:41 AM
Hi all;

I was thinking about having some LIVE plants in my aviary for my finches to enjoy and for some nice looking decoration I thought I maybe first plant grass on the floor but unfortunately the floore is... " cement or concrete since I don't know the difference" so I was thinking of adding plants with the POTS it will not look attractive that way I know... So, does anyone have any ideas for plants suitable for an aviary and are suitable in size and not Harmful to the finches??
Thanks for the advice!!

02-09-2019, 05:41 AM
Hey there!! I agree with your concern. Plant some laurel hedge tree in your garden. It produces edible fruits which would attract more wildlife. Your finches are gonna love it. Laurels also create creamy white flowers which complements the hedge. Tell me If this was helpful. https://www.instanthedge.com/prunus-laurocerasus

02-09-2019, 03:40 PM
Welcome avrilbennet. *Welcome*

Thank you for your advice on plants which may be suitable. Have you used laurels with your own birds or finches? Do they like them?

Also, feel free to head over to the Introduce Yourself section to Introduce Yourself. We would all love to hear about any birds or other pets you have :)

02-10-2019, 01:34 AM
Warmest greetings from me, too! Please follow Wrax's suggestion and tell us about yourself and any companion animals you may have. We encourage new members to introduce themselves. We would love to see some photos of them, too.