View Full Version : Taming a pair of lovebirds

04-10-2012, 04:45 AM
Sorry in advance for the long post, but I just want to get as much information in as possible to make this easier. I have had my two lovebirds for about a year and a half now, they were shy when I bought them, they will sit at the front of the cage when I go to talk to them, and whistle to them, but when I put my hand in they will move away from it or to the back of their cage. If I have a long stick of millet or a treat bar, they will peck at that in my hand. One of my birds escaped a few weeks ago whilst I was putting a fresh bathing water in for them, it allowed me to get close, but when my hand went near, away it went. Eventually, I managed to get him into a nice dark corner, and get him in my hands, but he then bit me. Hard. I had to get gardening gloves to put him back in his cage. So I guess you could say that the male is aggressive as well as shy. (I presume he is male) I am going to be getting a larger cage sometime this year, so when I get them their new cage, would it be possible to separate them, only for half an hour or so, then put them back together? Or will this stress them out too much, as they seem to have bonded, after being together for nearly two years. I am just thinking that it may be harder to tame them as a pair/together. So to put it simply, what I'm asking is:
*Should I tame them as a pair or separate them?
*If I should separate them, ho long should each "session" be for?