View Full Version : Urgent home for horse, please help

04-01-2012, 01:37 AM
Basically, I sold my horse about 3 years ago. I had owned him for 2 years, and we had been well and truely conned when buying him!

He was far to strong for me, and was terrible to handle on the ground - I just wasn't experienced enough for a horse like him. (Can't fault him under saddle though!)

I put him on loan to a lady from Project Horses and she was fantastic with him, so with the promise that he had a home for life, I sold him to her. I didn't want to sell as he has had a horrible life going for stable to dealers to knackers and back again.

Anyway, he was put out on loan again, and the loanee sold him and told his owner that he'd died.

A few months later, we discovered he'd actually been sold to the knacker man, where he was picked up by a dealer and sold to another girl.

We managed to get in touch and he was settled so his actual owner decided that he could stay there as long as she could have him back if they ever sold him.

Well he is now for sale, and we aren't getting a reply from his original owner, so I am desperately trying to find him somewhere safe so he doesn't end up at the knacker man again - for probably the last time. I'm just....out of ideas. No rescue wants to know, so I am desperatly trying to find him someone experienced who can give him a real home for LIFE.