View Full Version : has anyone have any breed of bird&waht is it&what do

02-15-2012, 02:28 AM
does anyone have any breed of bird or parrots as loads them?what do u have&what do u like about u bird&what made u want one?what personality does it have?can it talk or anythin like that.

like to talk to bird lovers cos i myself has two parrots&i be lost without them&there great company&when u feel down they make u laught&like when talking&when i go out room where birds are they squak t say come back so i cant even leave them for min lol.i have two type parrots ones a african grey parrot which had work&lively&mischieves&trick me.the other one i have is sengal parrot but cn be so noises at times when both at it squakin as im in same room as them all time so i cant hear tv when both at it.but both my parrots like kisses&cudles&bein stroked non stop&they call me mummy if i out room&they wisltle&click&do wolf wisltle&say hello&many more. i attach pic of my sengal parrot whos still baby&keeps kissin me&so on.like hear from u all