View Full Version : A short disclaimer on my advice...

02-11-2012, 07:38 AM
I opened my e-mails this morning to find a rather abusive message from a certain person I had been helping with recently on multiple fishkeeping problems. This particular person has blamed me for the complete wipeout of her fish stemming from a water quality problem, claiming that my advice is what killed them. There is more to this, however I won't mention it on here.

Now of course I've retaliated to this e-mail pointing out that she came to me for advice and any mistakes were her own doing, I would just like to point out something in case the same ever happens on here...

Every last word of advice is based on my own experience and ethics, I try to base info on facts and logic too. However, I cannot guarantee 100% success with any advice I dish out to other fishkeepers, if they are unsure of it then they should go for a second opinion. Your fish are your own responsibility.