View Full Version : when is it too late to treat fish for white spot disease?

02-11-2012, 07:35 AM
We had 4 fantail goldfish & 4 minnows for about a week, until this weekend we decided to get 3 more fantails. Yesterday i noticed one of the original fantails had white spots over her body, fins & tail & after looking it up found out that it was white spot disease.

We tried to get hold of something to treat it today but the shop was closed after we'd finished work & when we got home, noticed that one of the other fantails has white spots too we removed them both & put them into another tank, before doing even more research & finding that it's a parasite etc etc which is so upsetting as i thought that they'd be ok.

Since going into the new tank, both fish have just been laying still at the bottom, i'm just so worried & hope that there's something that can be done. Which is why i was wondering when is it too late to treat them?

I was reading about the symptoms such as swimming oddly, staying still for long periods & spending more time at the top of the tank than usual fish & they both have these symptoms. I feel so guilty for not spotting this sooner.

Also, can white spot effect cats? just wondering as we have a 7 month old kitten.