View Full Version : Help needed please peeps. stolen carriage from Norfolk 22/11

02-11-2012, 06:12 AM
Hi guys could you plese keep your eyes peeled for this...
(Not sure if the link works) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1512...group_activity

Im waiting for more info to post but this is what I have from FB

STOLEN CARRIAGE - (from South Norfolk 22/11/11 - ONE OF A KIND!!) items that were with it and may since have been dumped: 1 front and 2 back bike lights, please pass wide flourescent sign, classic breeching straps - pair with parrot clips, zilco medium size quick release shackles with zilco tags on them (on swingle tree, may still be attached to carriage), spares kit including: 1 tedex rein, 1 tedex breeching strap, 1 classic trace, clear wash bag with blue zip from Robinsons College with first aid stuff, mints, notebook etc, black synthetic (nylon) headcollar with suede head and nose, small black leadrope, blue hoof pick. If you come across any of these things that draw your attention, let me know. It's all brand new and unused. I know it's random to list it but if you see anything like this dumped or for sale second hand it might give us a clue as to where the carriage has gone. Also it had 2 disk locks on the left hand wheels so watch for damage there. There was a long burgundy leadrope, old, attached to it which we used to pull it to the yard, so another item that may be discarded. Also it had a set of football cones on the back with a fabric strap and clip. The fabric strap doesn't come with it, we made it. All stupid little things I know but again, please spread the word.

It's a WBR 3 phase competition vehicle - adjustable axle and delayed steering. Stolen with everything attached - 2 rear lights, 1 front light (on shaft), breeching, full spares bag (1 tedex rein, 1 tedex breeching strap, 1 classic zilco trace plus all the usuals). There is some rust sanded off the brackets on the back of the seat where we planned to paint it. There is welding on one spoke (can't remember which wheel, waiting to hear back from Wilf - it used to belong to Zoe), the delayed steering adjustment control is missing, and the knob has been removed from the handbrake. Even if the spares come up for grabs near you please let me know - you can't normally buy these bits individually.

having spoken to Wilf Bowman-Ripley, he believes it is the only one of it's kind in the country! So have a good look, there are similar but not identical.This is the only glimmer of hope we have to find it, but it needs eyes everywhere.

I have taken this from the group and should have pics soon. If you can share this let me know and I'll get you added to the group. As you can see they really want to find it. If you know of any other places to Advertise it ideas are welcome too.