View Full Version : juwel lido 120 tank/fry sucked into filter

02-09-2012, 10:25 PM
I have recently changed my fish into a Juwel lido 120 smaller tank, from a bigger tank. New one has an internal canister filter and have just found 10 dead fry in the filter today. The fry have been sucked into the filter. My old tank had a large external filter and the tube from it went into the tank and at the bottom of the tube was the inlet pipe. When fry appeared, I just wrapped a bit of mesh stocking around it for a few weeks until the fry were bigger, but I just don't know what to do to avoid them being sucked into this filter. It is like a box in the corner of the filter and there are inlets all over it. I cannot think of anything that I can cover them with as there is nowhere to tie it onto. Any ideas??
The inlets are like grid lines about 4 inches long and 16th of an inch wide each hole, so that would not work. It has to be something that allows the filter to work while protecting the fry.
Stocking mesh over the inlet pipe worked great for a few weeks while the fry were tiny with my old set up.