View Full Version : New to this site, sadly to need advice ?

02-09-2012, 10:21 PM
Hi members,
im new to this petforums site. I am a staunch animal lover, respect, love and care for any/all animals welfare. I have a baby guinea-pig (house kept) indoors and so pampered. I have had guinea pigs for over 30 years. Know my stuff.
have an extremely urgent issue here, if any members on the Bird site, can help me with extreme urgency or point me in right direction I would be very much appreciated.
I firstly, not sure how much I am allowed to say on here.
but basically, I am very perturbed and worried about the neighbours 2 domesticated birds in cage.
they been outside in garden in cage since last friday nite 8th April. have not been brought in at all. they been in hot sun, rain, bit windy, and no sheet/towel etc covered over cage at night. and we have had last nite a COLD nite. they no offence, well one of them noisy anyhow, but they out 24/7 I cannot sleep in morning, that not really the issue. Its their welfare, today twice caught a cat sat on the table where the cage is AND lashed out at one of the birds. then later it sat watching them on the lawn.
the squaking seems to be getting more frantic and urgent, and they were used to human contact by talk etc.
dont know what to do, im so so upset, keep going in my garden and talking to them, but im devastated.
want to know is this Normal, or not acceptable to be left out since last friday. should they be taken in nightly, or if not cage covered at night. there is a small cardboard box at bottom of cage (not plastic) for I guess cover of some sort ! ................ I cant seem this protecting the poor mites.
Any replies welcome. please assist me. I do not or never had birds, but as a staunch animal lover and keeper of other domesticated animal I worry for all animals welfare.
regards, very best wishes. sincerity23