View Full Version : New Meyers Parrot... Got some concerning questions.

02-05-2012, 11:50 PM
So, I've never owned a bird before, and I finally purchased one today. The problem is is that I don't have a cage for him for another two days (I'm supposed to be getting one from a friend whose bird is now dead). Before you go yelling at me for being irresponsible, today was the only day I had time to go to the pet store to purchase the bird and my friend can't deliver the cage until two days from now.

So that being said, I'm a little concerned about my new feathered friend. Will he be okay on the loose for the next two days with me working and going to class? I do have wires in my room, but I've noticed that this bird just sits on the perch I have most of the time since I got him a few hours ago. I know that may change once I leave, but then again he may not be super active. I do have roommates that can keep an eye on him, but it hasn't been resting my nerves.

I've made sure all windows and doors are secured shut, I've put all medicines and harmful things away (except for power cords to electronics), so I'm trying my hardest to make sure things are as safe as possible for him. I also have some other questions.

Do birds not eat that much or that often? I filled up a food bowl and a water bowl for him which he has yet to touch either of. I got him to drink some water earlier by pouring it in front of his face (which is a little odd seeing as how I can't find any other way to get him to drink it). I'm worried he won't touch his food or water tomorrow. I left him the same type of pellets that the store fed him along with some slices of banana and carrots along with some rice grains.

Also, since there's no cage to cover him up in, I've noticed he sleeps with his eyes open. Is that normal behavior?