View Full Version : Not entirely sure if my parrot is sleeping right...

02-06-2012, 12:50 AM
So, I've had my Meyers Parrot, Fred, for a week now. He's starting to bond with me and my two roommates. He's lovable and sweet (nippy at times, but he's slowly stopping that the more he interacts with us) and he's extremely intelligent (already starting to pick up words, not common for his breed).

So here's my problem, he's becoming less and less active with each passing day. I noticed the first few mornings I'd wake up to some friendly clicks, a small squak and him hanging upside-down in his cage looking at me, but he isn't doing that anymore. I don't suspect him to be sick, he's eating just fine and his droppings look normal. I'm thinking he's not getting a whole lot of sleep.

I put a blanket over his cage every night at 9 PM sharp to put him to sleep. I'm a college student who works late nights sometimes, and if I'm not home, I go out of my way to call my roommates to make sure they cover him up. But the thing is is that I inevitably have homework to do on the computer when I get home and I think the fluorescent light from my screen wakes him up.

My roommate's rooms aren't any better. Eli's room is cluttered and messy and isn't suitable, Joe's a nighthawk and stays up all night. So what I'm thinking of is making space in my closet and placing Fred in there at night so that way he can have some peace. I guess I'm just trying to see if I'm coming across this correctly.