View Full Version : Is my bird vomiting or regurgitating?

02-05-2012, 11:50 PM
First off, Ive had my cockatiel Maki for about 8 -9 years, handraised him myself Hes the biggest sweety ever, a little small compared to most tiels, but has been a picture of health his entire life.

Now, when I first obtained him, I brought him a bunch of toys and such, but he was never interested. Hes always preferred singing and chatting and being with and watching people over playing with toys. So I never bothered to buy him new ones. But, about 6 months ago, he suddenly took an interest in them. So I brought and made him a bunch of new ones, and hes been having so much fun! (Nothing cuter then a cockatiel singing with a bit of colourful chain in his beak <3)

But, the past week or so, hes began vomiting. Now, the reason I brought up his toy history is because Ive read that its normal for them to regurgitate onto toys and people they really love, so his suddenly love for toys may have grown into something more.

However, I read that whilst regurgitating, a bird pumps its through its throat and just spits out a neat lump of food. But if they are vomiting from sickness, they just look really uncomfortable then suddenly shake their heads, splattering it everywhere.

Now Maki, only does it whilst on this one perch. He pumps his throat, looks perfectly happy otherwise, but as hes about to throw it up, he flicks his head and throws it everywhere like a sick bird. So its as if hes regurgitating, but it irritates him towards the end and he just throws it up instead. Hes otherwise completely healthy, eating all his veggies, pasta, seed etc like normal, playing, singing - Fine.

Any ideas? Sorry for such a long question ^^;