View Full Version : Need advice on choosing a feathered friend

02-06-2012, 12:48 AM
Hello everyone

Myself and my partner have been thinking a lot about what pet we would like to share our home with us. I adore all animals but unfortunately I am allergic to cats and some dogs we cannot consider them really as an option ,luckily birds are one of the few critters that dont make me sneeze!!

So we have started doing a lot of research into wether a bird (in particular a parrot) would be happy living with us. We both work full time during the day but are always home in the evenings and weekends, we are in our mid twenties with no children yet. We have a lot of love to give and would really like some advice from experienced owners about what kind of bird may be suitable for us. We live in a large flat/apartment which has great sound proofing due to it being a new build. From my research already I'm already fully aware they can be very vocal and messy which is fine with us but we really don't know what kind of bird would be a good fit for us especially never having owned a bird before. We are also fully aware of how long they can live for so we know that this is a long term commitment.

Any suggestions about what kind of bird you guys would think is suitable for a beginner would be much appreciated, we have been to a local breeder and fell in love with both sun conures and hahns macaws really due to the level of interaction you can get, we are not worried about a bird being a 'talker' so that isn't something we are taking into consideration at all

Many thanks in advance