View Full Version : Thought I'd better say Hi!

02-04-2012, 07:55 PM
I have been lurking and posting mostly in the dog forums as I have two little poodles, but I also have 2 horses so thought I'd better come over here and say Hello!

I am the head groom, lorry driver, bill payer to my daugher lol!!! No, they are my horses really, she rides them for me, thats what I keep telling her lol

First we have my bestest boy ever Tom Cobley 15hh and 6yrs old, who last year made us a very happy and slightly famous people

He was 5 years old and my daughter had turned 16 a few days before, we went to The Royal Windsor Horse show as we were local and new we had no chance, so went for a nice day out! Cut a long story short and He WON the ridden coloured horse class beating the Humdinger, and the 3 top pros in the country. (bit like my pet poodle winning best in show at crufts lol) You just dont expect it to happen.

Well, some of the Pros were fuming that an amature would bet them and at such a Big show like Windsor, well I was speechless for about a week!!! We got interviewed left right and centre, we was famous!! (sort of!)

Sorry for the ramble, but it doesnt happen everyday!