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02-04-2012, 08:53 PM
I don't really entire over to this part of the forum often (really should though) but was hoping you it's could help me out with something?
I have a 60l (give or take) tropical tank, with two dwarf frogs (1m, 1f) and to begin with 6 female guppies. The new guppies have now spawned giving a dozen fry of varying ages. At first I tought it was another guppy attacking the others, but I have just seen one of the frogs attack one of the girls and gave her a nasty bite on her side- I have her separated off now, but am doubtful she'll pull through. These frogs are two or so, and have Always been housed with guppies (originally males, then a bit of a mix, now just females and their fry) and until I took out the males they never attacked. Surely the fry would have been a better target for hunting than a female a few days after having the fry?
Should I try puttin another male back in and see if that will deter the frogs again? They were actually hunting her, but I didn't realise until it was too late to do anything; apart from the injured one, there is now only one adult guppy left, and the sick one will likely be gone in a few hours.
It also looks likethe female frog is getting ready to spawn- her belly has grown conciderably in the past week- they attempted to spawn a few months ago, but very unsuccessfully!
Sorry this is all so long winded, but hopefully I've given enough info to be workable!
Thanks in advance...