View Full Version : Need a little advice for my babies BLU & ASBO

02-04-2012, 08:50 PM

Not to sure where to start so here it goes , i need a little advice on my budgies .. Blu & Asbo ...
they are in a cage together and are out everyday im really proud of them they go back in by them selves and are aloud to come in and out as they please ... when they are out .. they dont fly about much at all ... they spend most of their time sat on thier cage or on Flossys(the hamster) ! is this normal ???

Ok heres the second thing
Blu is 6 months old and was bred by my OH so blu has learnt to be hand tame since he was tiny.
Asbo is 4 month and a week old and ive had him scince he was 6 weeks .. i got him from somebody who breed avairy budgies.(i say him but i still dont have a clue what sex asbo is his/ her cere keeps changin)

my problem is that when i put my hand into their cage to do something Asbo completly freaks out and clings to the back of the cage ... i thought asbo would have gotten used to this a while ago but it seems to be getting worse and Blu has no started copying him .. i feel like im going backwards instead of forwards i usally put my hand in first with a treat for them and they both sit on my hand and eat it .. Blu does this more than Asbo !
Blu is a quite tame bird and likes sitting on my hand or finger even my shoulder sometimes .... They are both very friendly birds when you talk to them . Here is a photo of them .. asbo has the yellow face