View Full Version : Abandoned Horse Llanelli Please Help or Advise

02-03-2012, 01:50 AM
Can anyone help or advise: there has been an abandoned horse on the marshland of off the cost path near wetlands in llanelli. It has been there for 3 weeks it appeared between xmas and new year.It was skittish and stunned at first but now it seems a bit calmer, it has no access to food or fresh water and has lost weight, and has also not moved from the same spot. I have contacted the local council but they cant help as it is not on there land i have also contacted the RSPCA to no avail...

I dont like to see an animal suffer so have started to throw carrots apples etc over the marsh wall but cant get down/over to give it fresh water.

Please if there is any one out there who can advise me or help this poor horse please contact me

Another thing i am concerned about is that the tide can come up very high sometimes rite up to the wall when this happens i fear the horse will drown