View Full Version : Male dove aggression towards female?

02-03-2012, 01:49 AM
Honesty, here: I have less experience with birds than with any other kind of animal, and while I am thrilled to have my doves, they are a learning experience all on their own. Thanks, any of you, for offering what you know where I have had difficulty finding consistent facts.

My two doves were not in the best condition when I found them - Helen was very ill with a respiratory infection, and Paris's nails were long and filthy, plus he has a crooked beak. They are still skittish and distrustful, which makes me wonder about their life before I rescued them, but I hope that will work itself out over time.

Helen and Paris are both a bonded pair - they cuddle, participate in bonding activity such as grooming, and whenever Helen is removed from the cage Paris become very active and defensive. However, since Helen is still recovering (on antibiotics/stress formula), she has not, as far as I've seen, responded to Paris's courtship. Lately, he's begun aggressively laughing at her and pecking at her face and neck before launching into some pretty exaggerated courting. While what he's doing seems to be more superficial than dangerous, it clearly bothers her, and she cowers and runs away whenever this happens, and I don't want her stressed at this time. I briefly remove him when I see this happen. Is this common in doves? Is Paris just frustrated? Or should I be worried about his behavior?