03-31-2008, 09:13 PM
Please help. I'm looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience or anything. We've spent over $4000 on tests on our dog and they can't figure out what is wrong.

This all started in June of 2007. We went on vacation, boarded the dog, and upon return noticed that he had become extremely lethargic and was having difficulty eating/drinking (food and water at floor level) and going to the bathroom. Our local vet assumed he had a slipped disc, put him on steroids for a couple of weeks, and he had 100% recovery. We thought all was fine.

Then in September, he started regressing. He stopped playing, eating, became lethargic again, and lost about 15lbs. The Vet ran numerous tests and discovered he had Hypercalcemia. They gave him specific medicines to control the Hypercalcemia while the cause for that was sent out for review. All tests came back negative: No Hyperparathyroidism. No Lymphoma. No Multiplemyeloma. You name it, it came back negative. So we opted to start him on Prednisone (steroids) and see how he responded. We suspected cancer somewhere. He did great on the steroids for over 3 months. In fact, the Vet told us it probably wasn't cancer b/c he had responded so well to the steroids and wasn't showing any typical cancer symptoms (loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.).

Then a few weeks ago the symptoms started coming back, except for the weight loss. We took him to the vet expecting to see his calcium levels creeping back up, but they were fine. So now his Hypercalcemia is under control, but he's rapidly deteriorating. Today, he can barely walk. He was referred to a neurologist who said it looked like a classic case of Myasthenia Gravis. Those tests came back negative. The vets are baffled. No one has a clue as to what is wrong with my dog because he is not having any typical symptoms of cancers, or even in any pain or discomfort when poked/prodded in his muscles, nerves, etc.

He can walk about 10-15ft before having to stop and sit down. If he goes to the bathroom, he's spent. He sits down a foot from where he just went and can't make it back into the house w/out resting for a few minutes.

We are overwhelmed at all of this. He is such a young dog and used to be so full of energy. We really want to know what is happening to our dog. If anyone has seen or heard of anything like this, can you please relate your story, outcome, or even suggestions as to what our vet might have overlooked?

Here are some pictures of what his life should still be like:


03-31-2008, 09:27 PM
Have they tested for the regular things cought in kennels, like parvo virus? Have you done reserch into the genetic deseases this breed carries? Have you spoken to your breeder to see if any of the other siblings have had these symptoms or if they have an idea about what might be wrong? I'm at a lose as to what the problem might be, but I do know some of it sounds like parvo, was he fully vaccinated before entering the kennel? Has he beed tested for heartworm?

03-31-2008, 10:02 PM
Hi There,

Thank you for the reply. He was up to date on all of his shots when he was boarded. He has been tested for everything you can imagine in terms of worms, viruses, etc. We had actually hoped it was that simple. I have actually just contacted the breeder and hope to hear something soon. We spent over 3 years researching this breed before buying and know all about typical genetic diseases. Unfortunately those typical diseases are not what he's exhibiting. Our vet mentioned today that we may never know what was wrong with him when his time comes, and that thought is driving me nuts. If he was a human, wouldn't doctors go out of their way to come up with a diagnosis? We're also digging into our finances to seek other opinions.

I can only hope that someone might read my post and say, "Oh my gosh, that's exactly what happened to my dog and he actually had..."

And that's all we have right now. Hope.

Again, thank you.

04-01-2008, 01:27 PM
I think we've all been hearing about this lately where people are becoming dissatisifed with how their vet is handing their ill pet. The general consense here seems to be the best thing, might be to look around and try to find a specalist near by, or what I would do is call your closest vet collage. Collages do great work and they will work like "Dr. House" to diagnose and save your pet. They have more knowleadge and more help through their professors and students then your everyday vet could possibly offer. Around here its a three hour trip and not cheep to take our dogs to the collages, but on occasion, its the only way to save that much loved pet. Please keep us up to date on what you find, and just for the hell of it, this is the link to an vet website; http://www.ivis.org/home.asp , its free to join simply put in that your a vet student when it asks your occupation, and it is filled with articals and books of symptoms and little known illnesses. Just a lot of information on the site pertaining to just about every spieces of pet.

04-01-2008, 06:26 PM
Have no answer. I am sorry this is going on, but wish you some success.
Hugs for you and your dog and your family.

02-09-2012, 07:55 PM
What are tests that the dog undergone? 4000$ for the entire tests is something you should be alarmed of.