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03-31-2008, 12:32 PM
my friends horse was travelling with a new horse in her trailer, and we dont know what happened but when she stopped her horse was on the floorof the trailer, her legs badly cut, she was always a good traveller and now , she will go on trailer but the minute it is shut up, she starts to panick kicking and shaking, can anyone suggest anything to help this horse overcome her fear, as we all love to go to shows in the summer,

03-31-2008, 01:25 PM
What type of trailer? Is it possible to remove your center partition. Most trailer issues can be solved with repetition, calm repition. The easiest way is to start feeding your horse in the trailer. Park the trailer, or a trailer in the middle of your horses field, then at feeding time place the feed in the trailer. As you said shes fine with going on, leave the trailer open the first couple times. then start closing the door, only for a few seconds at first, in fact you may not even get the ramp all the way up, lift it until she starts to look uncomfortbale, hold it there for a second then lower it back down, don't hold the ramp at the end or if she tries to charge out she may crush your hand.

Once you can raise the ramp all the way simply hold it in place, you need to do this everyday with every feeding. Eventually she'll realsied shes free to move around and theres a reward for being in the closed trailer, her feed. Then you'll have to replace the partition, don't lead her on at any point, and dont tie her, just let her see the feed in her bucket and climb into the trailer and let her follow you on for her feed.

With the partition in place start once more with just leaving the ramp down, then with the butt strap across, then slowly raising the ramp, you may want to put rundown or trailer boots on her to help her with any association of the feeling of the ramp on her legs. Once shes comfortable you can start tieing her, though if at all possible I would avoid doing so, it is most likely the being tied as much as anything that scares her.

Horses are flighty animals and have awsome memories so when something bad happens it takes a lot longer to retrain your horse to thinking everything is okay again. When you go to actually haul her next you may want to put someone in the trailer with her to keep an eye on her and make sure everything gose okay.

06-11-2011, 03:40 AM
A horse can kick because they feel threatened. Kicking Horse is a weapon to defend themselves. Be an instinctive response in horses may be more pleasant and relaxed. This type of failure can be recognized by the above. A horse that is afraid to try to get away from perceived danger. If this fails, try setting up your ears or the back leg as a warning. If these measures fail, then you will kick.

Kicked By a Horse (http://kickedbyahorse.com)