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02-01-2008, 04:45 PM
my brutus, has his "girlfriend" over this week/well till she "says no"...thing is she is saying yes in a big way....he is "all over this", but they have not locked yet?....well not that i have seen and i have been pretty attentive. now if anyone knows..what do i do(not sure i want the answer...ugh) but during the "process" (sorry for graphics here) he is completly exposed but not where he should be........???is this a timing thing???....is this something i have to intervene on?(hope not).....

i only ask because, i have not seen them "lock", but it is possible, the female is coming up on 'done time' in the next few days(the 5th or so according to counted days....i am sure she will let us know for sure)

now this is his second litter, her first, she is standing, heck she is after him, but i do want to be sure.....as he is 7 and we really want a pup out of, not to mention have 5-6 sold before they are even born(everyone loves our male, and the female is nothing to shake a stick at either....nice dog)

if anyone has any advice/info/something to offer.....do it asap....time is of the essence


02-02-2008, 08:20 AM
They do not have to lock to get the female pregnant, so long as there is penetration. not all breedings will result in a lock. Good luck, hope your breeding responsibly, glad to hear you already have pups sold.

02-03-2008, 05:33 PM
If he has ejaculated while inside the female then there is a chance she could be bred. A tie off is not absolutely nessesary for a breeding to take place. Also note..any sperm that has made it in the vagina can live up to 7 days in there..

What kind of dog is this and what is his merit for being bred? Has he been shown to a Championship or been awarded any points towards a championship?

If not has he at least had the nessesary health testing done prior to these breedings?

I surely do hope so.

If this is in fact a responsible breeding then I do wish you and mom to be lots of luck! :D