View Full Version : Has anyone had this problem with their dog?

02-01-2008, 01:53 PM
We have a female 2 year old cross between a cocker spaniel and springer spaniel. She has been an excellent dog, but just recently (within the last week or so) I've been noticing what I'm scared may be a problem. She doesn't hardly eat her food anymore. She had been on Kibbles 'n Bits for probably quite a few months, and then one day I noticed that she just hadn't been eating for a few days. So I wondered if she may have gotten sick of Kibbles, so I bought some Pedigree good. The first night she ate a little bit, and then that was it. She has had absolutely no loss of energy that we can tell, and she's always at the table whenever our kids are eating (to get any of their dropped food). 2 nights ago I realized something really funny, if I take her food (the pedigree) over to her by hand, when she's sitting on the couch, she eats almost as much as I take her, quite willingly. So the loss of apetite doesn't seem to be there, but she just won't eat her food anymore by herself. I don't get it, has anyone ever experience anything like this?

02-02-2008, 07:31 AM
Chances are shes becoming board with her food, she'll eat when shes hungery but table scraps and food coming from your hand are like treats to her, so shes willing to eat her food when had fed it. I would suggest one, clean her bowls, there may be a smell in them discouraging her from eating from them and either move them, or clean the floor around them. Think about a better food, pedigree is probably one of the best grocery store brands but its by no means the best. As it was put to me one night, its like feeding your dog Kraft Dinner every night for supper, its not bad, but its not good. Remember dogs don't digest corn, so any food with corn or corn meal as a filler arn't helping your dog at all.

Read a panal on the bag of your dogs food, (if you have to, get a vet to go over it with you, they're a little decieving) then feed your dog by her ideal weight by the panal, I say ideal because you don't want to feed for her weight if shes over weight, it will just continue the weight issue. Take the amount the dog should be fed and break it up into two to three feedings a day. Now some people say give the dog fifteen minutes to eat, I personally believe this leads to glutton, but if she dosen't eat or she only eats partial her food, when it comes time to feed her the next time, remeasure what is in her bowl and only add enough to complete the feeding.

For example, my rottie gets four cups of food a day, two in the morning, two at night. If she only eats one cup during the day, I pick up her bowl, measure the food inside, one cup, then add one cup and put it back down, as she only gets two cups a feeding, and if she didn't eat all her breakfast then she obviously didn't need it.

Most importantly, I would take her to the vet and have her looked over just in case. A quick exam will let you know if there are any under lying problems that need to be delt with such as any obstructions, gas pains, tooth achs, anything like that. Then cut out the table servings, if she knows she'll get your left overs, shes very unlikely to eat her own food. A healthy dog will eat when their hungry, its that simple. Good luck and keep us updated. ;)