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12-24-2007, 07:06 AM
I am fostering a puppy right now that was just diagnosed Saturday with Scabies and a secondary bacterial infection from the scratching. I feel so bad that I didn't notice anything up until the other night. He's been living in a large crate since I brought him home trying to heal from a broken leg. The only time I ever really got to see him was the 30 seconds three times a day it took to change his crate and put new food and water in (this is an 8 week old puppy living in a crate the size for a great dane). Anyway, so the only time we ever really played was the few minutes it took to clean him and whatnot.

I brought him home on the 13th. Around the 19th I started bringing him out of the crate for a few minutes to walk around and stretch out the muscles in his leg. On the 22nd I took him out of the crate and let him run while I cleaned it out. I went to pick him up then when I was done cleaning to put him back in and I felt this scabby area on his chest. So I turned him over and noticed the hard, infected areas. Rushed him to the vet and she said he had scabies and under his neck was infected.

My question is, did he get the mange here or did he come with it? If I got him the 13th and there was already an infection within 9 days later, he came with it didn't he??

I still feel so horrible. I can't believe I didn't notice anything weird. I don't spend a whole lot of play time with the poor guy but I spent enough time playing with him and picking him up that I should have noticed something. I feel so bad. I'm a horrible foster mom. :(

12-24-2007, 10:37 AM
I imagine he came with it. Mange is a cycle thing, it comes and gose depending on the life cycle of the mites, dogs only irritate during the egg laying, and then again during the hatching. Chances are puppy was between these times, but you did great getting him in, my question is, arn't your other dogs at risk being in the same area as him?

12-24-2007, 02:59 PM
I'm not too concerned with him spreading it. He hasn't been around any of my other pets at all. When he had those few minutes running on the floor my others were outside and he was on a hardwood floor the whole time. I always wash before and after I handle him (even before I knew he had mange--just became habit to wash). I have one room set up strictly for fosters (because normally my fosters are pregnant mothers so they have a dedicated room for the quiet). My other dogs don't go near where the fosters are. And all my dogs get the occasional Revolution (I do it usually every other month). So I'm not real concerned with them getting it but I'm watching closely just to be sure.