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11-29-2007, 08:41 PM
Okay, so we got this dog in not quite two weeks ago. She's about a year old and is a Husky mix (though she looks so much like a Husky I couldn't tell you what she's mixed with). Anyway. The owner surrendered her claiming that she had stopped eating. She is quite a bit underweight. We got her in and got her settled in a kennel and about an hour later I offered her a bowl of food. Go figure, she inhaled it. I gave her more food the next morning and again she inhaled it. Then later the second night she pooped and there was a lot of bright red blood. We figured she probably had worms really bad so we gave her a mega dose of wormer. Within two days her poop had become more solid and we saw no more blood. Well, a couple days ago she started with the bright red blood again. She's still very active, always wanting to play. She eats really well and she is putting on weight (she's gained about 10 lbs since she came in). She doesn't seem to be in any pain, not flinching or crying if you touch her anywhere. She actually seems a lot more energetic recently than she was when she first came in. We joked about it at first that she had stopped eating because she wasn't given any food to eat. She just eats her food so fast, it's hard to believe she turned anything down.

Anyway--any ideas what might be wrong with her??

11-30-2007, 11:36 AM
Possible ulser? Though most ulsers turn poop a more black color then red, maybe its a bleeding ulser, in which case she may be bleeding into her stool so your getting freasher blood. Have you tried to do another worming? Is it possible the first dose didn't get them all, or that she has a different type of worm then what your wormer is picking up? I'll slip onto Ivis today and see if I can come up with any other suggestions.

Also have you tried slowing down her eating, either with one of the treat balls or by placing large rocks in her dish? It might help as well, maybe shes eating so fast that she not chewing properly and its tearing her up a little inside.

11-30-2007, 11:46 AM
Not sure how much it will help, but this is one quote from the very first artical in blood in stools from the IVIS website,

"Blood in Stool
In general, bright red blood can originate anywhere
distal to the mid-jejunum while dark brown-toblack
stool (melena) comes from the stomach
and proximal small bowel. However, a major
bleed in the proximal bowel and its subsequent
rapid passage can show as hematochezia. Oral or
nasal bleeding can cause melena from swallowed

11-30-2007, 11:05 PM
Not coming from her nose or mouth that we can see. When I gave her the first dish of food she acted really weird so we thought she might have had something in her mouth; like stuck between her teeth. We looked the best we could but didn't see anything wrong. Her color was really good too so it kind of shied us away from worms but we went ahead and wormed her anyway. We gave her a mega dose of Ivomec so whatever kind of worms it may be it would have been taken care of. lol

Just seems really weird. Fortunately, she was adopted yesterday and the new parents are coming to get her tomorrow!! I told them everything and they said it wasn't a problem or a care to them and they'd take care of it. She asked me questions, like what the possibilities were. I told her she could be so impacted with worms that the dose we gave her just wasn't enough to take care of them all but to avoid killing them so fast and causing a toxic overload to her system we weren't worming her again so early. I told her it's possible she could have an ulcer or she could have eaten something that is pierced in her stomach causing the blood. I told her that in my personal opinion and working with this dog for two weeks that I didn't feel it was anything too serious. She agreed saying if it was something really, really bad the dog wouldn't be so talkative and jumpy and playful and eating so well. So whatever it is it either doesn't cause her much discomfort or she hides it really well. Whatever--the new owners didn't care one way or the other and filled out her paperwork and paid her adoption fee. They didn't want to take her right away cause they wanted to get home and get a fence put up and buy her everything she was going to need. They called me today saying the fence guys planned to be done tonight or early tomorrow and she had an appointment with one of our local vets first thing Monday morning so they'd be in between these times to pick her up. I really hope it's nothing major but I'm confident she's going to the best place possible.

12-01-2007, 07:47 AM
Thats awsome hun, I'm so glad to hear it. Its always great to hear a good ending to any adopted dog story, and I hope everything health wise gose well too. You guys are doing a great job over there getting your dogs adopted out so quickly.:)