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08-24-2007, 01:05 PM
What really peeves me off, is when people do stupid things with their dogs then gets mad when a rescue wont clean up after them. A girl I know runs a very successful Lab Rescue. Recently she was approched by a man who owns a chocolate lab pup, male un-nutured about 10 months old. He ties the dog in the same place his kids play, and I imagine they play just out of his reach as well.

Recently while the dog was outside and he obviously wasen't watching his kids, one of them and their friend ran passed the dog and he reached out and grabbed one of the kids by the back and arm, pulling him down. Scarey situation, and one personally I want to string this guy up for. So he contact NSLR and the poor woman running the rescue says sorry we wont take and place a dog who has bitten. A perfectly reasonable thing for a rescue to do since when we take in a dog we also take the blame if that dog dose something wrong, like mauling a kid.

Now this jerk has an add on a local classifieds trying to rehome the dog to a place in the country where the dog can run free!!! He figures tieing is the reason for the bite, and he berates Lab Rescue for not taking the dog. Like he has any right to critisies anyone after this incident, buddy shouldn't be allowed to own a dog, or any animal for that matter.

Errrr!!!! People peeve me off!!!

08-24-2007, 02:06 PM
Oh I know, I've had my ear full of that exact same thing. I had one lady bring me a dog once and she kept saying over and over "it's a good dog, he's really sweet, he loves to play, yadayadyada". So, naturally, I asked her why if he's such a good dog does she want a new home for him. "oh" she says "he killed one of our other dogs and then bit me when I tried to get him away from the other dog".

:shock: :shock: :shock:

08-25-2007, 06:35 AM
Oh thats nothing, I had a rottie placed into my rescue was not allowed to be adopted because he was deemed 'ferious and dangerous' after a bunch of kids let him off leash and he went out to play with an older womans little dog. She freaked thinking the dog was going to eat her alive. Anyway lovely perfect dog, the ambassador of the rottweiler breed, only issue seperation anxiety that puts a screaming baby to shame. He would destrpy a create if you tried to leave him in one. Then whatever room the create was in once he was out.

So we placed him in permienent foster care. Great, everything was good until she got a job and things started going down hill as he got worse and worse. Finally the desision came there was nothing left to do, something was seriously wrong with this dog, and we had him humanely distroyed. Then come to find out, the Animal Control Officer knew that ever pup out of his litter had sever mental imparements and had all had to be distroyed he was the last one alive!!!! She never told me, never boothered!!!! I had the dog placed with a family with kids and another dog and she never bothered to warn me!!!!

What if that dog had snapped while with the kids? Its stuff like that that made me leave rescue. An AC officer should have known better!!!! She put me in a bad position and one I didn't deserve to be put in.

06-12-2011, 09:09 PM
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