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08-08-2007, 07:16 AM
My dogs are all vaccinated as puppies for the Parvo and Carona Virus's (because we see A LOT of those around here but nothing else). Of course, they also get Rabies.

Celtich--I think it was you would said you do Parvo and Distemper cause they're "big" where you are??

Anyway--I only know about my area because I'm friends with the city shelter (and c'mon--if anyone's going to see diseases, it'd be the shelter of a big city).

So I'm just curious to know how you find out what diseases are "common" for the area you're in (considering a vet insists the animal should have all vaccinations).

08-08-2007, 07:30 AM
I personally follow Dr. Dodds vaccination protocol though I do get hell for it from a few old timer vets who will only give 7 in 1 combo vaccines (same shot series that gave my poor Brutus such hell)

Anywho...in our area Parvo and rabies are the most prevelant diseases to watch out for with distemper coming in 3rd.

Lepto & the Carona virus and basically an unheard of problem in this area..thank God! :)

08-08-2007, 02:16 PM
The shelter manager has been in this area working with animals for 25 years and she's never seen or heard of Distemper here so I don't worry with that one. Every vet I've spoke to says Lepto is treated with antibiotics but they've never seen it either so I don't worry about it either.

Rabies is HUGE in this area to the point where animals are required the 3 year vaccination every 9 months. But I think I'll have titers tested this year instead of doing yet another shot. If my dogs had free roam of a wooded area or came in contact with wild animals on a regular basis than I'd consider just the shot--but overall they stick in the house or the yard and we've never had anything wild in the center of town.

Now, I was told Carona goes hand-in-hand with Parvo. That if they have one chances are high they have the other two and you just don't notice because the symptoms mimic each other. But since it's so huge here anyway I do vaccinate for it.

The vaccine for Lime's disease--c'mon, use a good quality flea and tick deterant and you shouldn't have to worry about ticks so no worries on Limes. IMO anyway.

08-08-2007, 05:19 PM
I talk to my vet, plus I track heartworm, and rabbies, which is currently not in Nova Scotia, plus parvo has been in the news papers around here because of the sudden influx of puppymill pups. So its a good relationship with my vets and continued education.

08-08-2007, 05:39 PM
Rabies is HUGE in this area to the point where animals are required the 3 year vaccination every 9 months.

Wow! Thats outrageous! I just posted a very interesting article on the science of vaccines that I think you might be interested in reading. Theres a particularly interesting lil' bit closer to the bottom of the article that talks about the effectiveness of boosters and such that I think you might find interesting.

My dogs gets rabies done no sooner than 6 months of age and then I titer every few years. In the entire time I had Blue his titer always came back great and he was only vaccinated once. A co-worker of my DH's has a standard poodle mix who is 12 years old and she had rabies once when they adopted her from the shelter (at 8 months old) and then once more a year later and has never had another rabies vaccination since & as of last year her titer showed excellent immunity even after a decade! :)

I just wish more vets would actually take a peek at the new stuides and science behind vaccines and quit pushing yearly boosters and vaccines that aren't even nessesary. Granted some are just old timers who are against change....most saddening is many are just lining their pocket books with the money people spend every year on this and aren't willing to give that up. :(

Either way...I have had 2 bad ordeals with vaccines in the past so I educate myself and I choose what is done to my pets. If a vet doesn't like my choice then I am more than happy to go elsewhere. :D