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06-29-2007, 05:17 PM
From another group I belong to, feel free to cross post.


These horses was posted on a Shire group I belong to. Good idea to get the word out as fast and as wide spread as possible. this is her post on the board;

"I have filed a report with netposse.com

I have 2 chestnut horses missing/stolen (1 BLM).The BLM say they cant
help because she is already titled

They were delivered to the trainer (Paul Heape) May 5th in Gridley KS,
and I have not seen them since. No I did not owe him money. Neither the
horses nor the trainer can be found. The trainer may be wanted in OK and

Pictures are on the web site but I have a couple others of Christmas Fire
and a drawing of her freeze mark. I just want my baby back. If anyone can
help please email me, if not please forward the email on to others as
that is big help.

The description of the horses are as follows:
Christmas Fire (my baby) 8 yr old chestnut mustang mare with freeze mark
(99212485) on left side of neck under mane. Thin strip or blaze on face,
snip on nose. LF stocking, Right rear pastern. Has been haltered, lead,
tied, saddled/bridled but only ridden a couple times and is very hard to
catch unless she is in a small area. This mare is a titled BLM mustang
from the government. (the man in the photo is NOT the trainer)

Odie ( a recent purchase which is why I have only a couple photo's of
him) 15+ old chestnut Quarter horse gelding. 2 hind socks and wide blaze.

Michelle "

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