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06-06-2007, 07:45 PM

I have a 5 month old westy puppy, she has started to making me chase her whenever I let her out of my room, she doesnt always do this but sometimes (many times) she gets those crazy puppy moments when she will start running like crazy and even do I don;t actually chase her, I mean I try to walk after her instead of running after her she will still run like crazy and wont let me catch her...

this is a problem because I still dont allow her into the house freely and she usually gets into my parents room, the bathroom and and under any furniture as posible

She doesn't do any harm but its starting to get annoyin as she has seems to like it, you know, she gets in the "play" position before turning corners and stuff

What should I do about this? i would love for her to remain calm beside me when I'm walking around the house instead of running like if the devil was chasing her :lol:

06-07-2007, 06:36 AM
Thats an almost impossible request from a puppy. Try nice juicy tibits as a reward for coming back to you, like freeze dried liver or soft meaty treats. Best thing you can do at this point is to "wear your dog" as Stanley Coren puts it. Put a leash on her with a snap on the hollow so you can loop the lead around you so she can't get more then a couple feet from you while out about your home.

06-07-2007, 07:51 AM
Agree with Celtech...she's a puppy. :) She's going to be silly and wild.

As far as what to do with her have your started basic obediance yet? If not you need to...even if you can't go to class you can do it at home.

Our training here starts with ATTENTION. If your dog will not pay attention to you every time you say her name she will not obey commands. Start this by saying her name and when she responds (by looking at you or coming up to you) Praise her lavishly. Do this numerous times a day in a ton of situations and never use her name in a negative way. Once she responds quickly every single time your ready for the next step.

Work on recall next. In our classes recall was taught by running away from the dog. We would call them using their name before the command and run backwards. Obviously they followed and would get lavish praise. If you get a decent handle on her recall you might be able to keep her from going nuts when you let her out because she knows she will get lots of praise for coming to you, not running away from you.

Until she has a nice foundation of positive and consistant training underb her though I agree with Celtch on tethering her to you.

Next question.. How long does she stay in the room per day? What kind of activities do you provide her with and how often?? We have a saying in this house "A tired puppy is a good puppy" She could need more games...not just physical running around and such, but things that stimulate her mind and make her think...our past Weimaraner's have always loved tracking games...it's great physical work and it makes them use there heads...And kongs and other treat filled toys are good to because the pup has to work with it and try tio figure out how to get all those goodies out :)

06-07-2007, 05:02 PM

well, she (my westy) spends most of the day in my room, which is connected to the backyard, the backyard door is Always opened until she goes to sleep at night.

We have a labrador and she plays with him most of the day, I also have several play time sessions with her in between crating (I try to mantain 3 short crating sessions per day no longer than an hour and a half), she goes on a walk once a day for about 30 minutes and when she is a alone and the lab or my family is not with her she basically plays with her toys

I got her at four months and I used to get her attention by calling her name very entusiasticly so she learned her name during the first 2 weeks as she used to come to me when calling her, but now (2 weeks later) she only looks at me as to saying "what" but she just wont come anymore unless she sees treats in my hand or me holding her food bowl.

Anyway, I will work on Attention and Recall, hopefully she will get it :D