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05-28-2004, 07:34 PM
Well, hubby and I are going to take Horses Teaching People, Part II in July. All signed up. HTP1 was groundwork and this one, htp2 is riding.
Should be fun!

10-30-2004, 07:42 PM
G'Day Kerry,

Our registered Tovero, "Dees Sky Prince," will be one year old on March 21, and we have had him home with us for about a month. We are in the process of finishing halter breaking him, and he is coming along nicely. He allows us to tie him outside of his stall, and tend to his legs and coat.

This past Monday, I noticed a problem on his lower legs that had the appearance, or symptoms of Mud Fever; little balls of dry skin under his fur that made the hair stick out on all four lower legs, but worse on the rear. We tied him to the ring outside his stall and rubbed his legs down with baby oil for two days before we went after the little bumps.

I held and calmed him, and kept his attention with some treats while Dee applied the oil. He also seems to like the taste of my forearms, and when the treats are gone he is content to lick my arms. I wonder what the taste is other than some salt, but he has a salt block available anytime he wants to step over to it.

In any case, the third day after two days with baby oil three times a day, Diane, or "Dee" as she has been called for about 36 years, hence Dees Sky Prince as no punctuation is allowed with the registration at APHA, worked with a comb and the little dry skin balls came right out. By Friday afternoon his legs were perfect again, the hair was still there and the little balls of skin came out with a comb and finally with a brush. We were having a fly problem, but I did not see any Bot fly eggs in his leg hair. Cooler weather is knocking the flies down already, but clearly we will have to be very aggressive about the flies with the coming of warm weather next year.

Our son and his missus and their four kiddies, Hannah 13, Ben 9, Jordan 6 and Christian 5 were over today to see the new boy. At first he was reluctant to come up to his stall from way back in the back pasture, but after about 30 minutes or so his curiosity got the better of him and he came up to see what the crowd was all about.

He is amazingly calm even around our dogs, and after seeing that the strangers were not a threat, he calmly walked up to our son and then stood around with the crowd with no visible indications of stress. We don't want to cut him as our present plans are to breed Paints, but we will see how he manages with the new filly coming in December. She is almost through weaning, and the two are marked in very similar patterns. Both are black and whites with very good bloodlines.

This forum is fun! :D

11-04-2004, 08:14 PM
Your horse sounds like a wonderful boy!
My horse licks too sometimes. He loves to lick hands and skin. Shrug. I guessed it was the salt too. I dunno!