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05-27-2007, 09:55 AM
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Subject: Itchmo Safety Alert: EXCLUSIVE: Lab Reports Cyanuric Acid In Unrecalled Dry Food

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EXCLUSIVE: Lab Reports Cyanuric Acid In Unrecalled Dry Food
May 24th, 2007

Itchmo has learned that a toxicology test reported the presence of
cyanuric acid in an opened bag of what is alleged to be Iams Large Breed
dry dog food.

According to the report obtained by Itchmo, (available on the site) the
results have been certified by a forensic toxicologist. The testing
method detects concentrations in excess of 0.1%. We have obtained a copy
of the toxicology report and you can see for yourself. We have remove
personal information for privacy reasons and a correct lot number was

We have contacted Iams and were waiting on their response. Iams Large
Breed does not list rice protein concentrate or wheat gluten as

We cannot stress this point enough: This test was performed on a sample
from an opened bag. We do not know if this is an isolated case of
contamination before or after the sale, or if it is widespread.

This information requires verification and we are asking for your help.

Itchmo is asking you to find an unopened 20 lb. bag of Iams Large Breed
dry dog food that matches the lot number: 260608 70574173 F4 US30940
with the expiration date of 6/26/08.

If you find an unopened bag, please email us at tips@itchmo.com and we
will provide further instructions. If its the right bag, we will pay
for the cost of the bag of food, shipping and testing. There will be no
cost to you.

If an unopened bag is found and tested, we will release the results as
soon as they become available regardless of the outcome.

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05-27-2007, 10:21 AM
You know, I'm really getting sick of these darn recalls. It's just one thing after another, isn't it?