View Full Version : Abnormal skin growth

04-08-2007, 11:07 PM
Hi Everyone~

Well today I just gave my dog a bath. (it has been a while since he last had one). When I was drying his fur, I noticed a fairly long dried stiff skin sticking out from the side of his tail. Approx. 0.9 cm long.

The skin came off with a little bit of poking. It was really awkward because this long piece of skin branched out from the side of his tail. I put some bactroban antibiotic cream on the wound area. I have some pictures of what the skin piece looks like and where the wound is.

Can anyone give me some suggestion as to what this might be?? I hope this isnt cancer.

04-09-2007, 06:32 PM
Can't say about the piece of skin, but that hole looks like the holes I have seen after a foxtail has been discovered and removed. The tail is a typical place for it to happen. Do you live in an area where there are foxtail stickers?

It does not look like any cancer I have ever seen. Are you certain there is no plant-fiber-like material inside that piece of skin?

Don't go by my opinion, your dog's health is too important for that, but the whole scenario says "foxtail" to me.