View Full Version : my guinea-pig died last night...

05-06-2004, 11:10 AM
and what is even worse, when my mom buried him because it was in the dark, she couldnt see and she left his poor head out and it looks so discusting!!! :cry:

05-06-2004, 05:47 PM
Sorry for you loss, I had to put my pet prairie dog Lily to sleep last week. She was 7 years old and developed an inoperable tumor in her nasal passages that blocks her breathing so it was better to put her to sleep then let her suffocate to death.

05-20-2004, 11:31 PM
Linzy, so sorry for your loss.
How old was your GP?

Dunappy - that is just awful news.
I feel so badly for you, you must be devestated.
It is so very difficult to put them down, but it is the most selfless act you can do for one that you love.
much affection to you....


11-13-2009, 03:21 AM
Sorry for your pet loss and pray for you and your family to bless.